Unique, one of kind creations of brilliantly enameled brass hung with tumbled glass in coordinated colors. They illuminate a postmodern vision of traditional forms.

These dazzling works of art are custom designed to meet your specific needs.  The chandeliers shown below are just to give you an idea of the possibilities for your chandelier. Call or e-mail Mark Peyton, and he will guide you through the process of ordering the perfect chandelier for you.

Click on the images below to see enlarged or alternate views.
Colored Glass Chandelier Chandelier in soft pastels Chandelier Flame Colored Tumbled Glass
Chandelier in Colors of the Ocean Orange and Yellow Chandelier
Jewel chandelier  Blue Glass Chandelier 
Green and blue glass chandelier  Forest Fairy Chandelier 
Fairy Garden Chandelier    Wall sconce pale pink frosted glass with bird 
 Elegant twig and frosted glass chandelier with birds    mixed media chandelier
 red and clear glass chandelier Turquoise Chandelier 
  Fairy Chandelier  Multiple Sizes Available

  Starting at $875
  14" wide x 18"
  3 to 4 arms
  Maximum 60 Watt blub

  Starting at $1,200
  18" wide x 20"
  5 to 6 arms
  Maximum 60 Watt blub

  Starting at $2,200
  20" wide or larger
  6 or more arms
  Maximum 60 Watt blub

* Height may vary